red bus

there’s a red double decker bus in the concrete lot of one of the railway arch units next to peckham rye station. I pass it every day, whether I have opted for train, bus or feet that day on the way to college. it’s one of those things that has been ‘re-purposed’ in that kitsch-y, unreal way that is common for junky old vintage objects in this age; in other words, it’s probably had the original seating ripped out and has got a few picnic benches rammed inside it at which people in their early to mid twenties sit with overpriced cans of red stripe (I refuse to call them ‘hipsters’ because the word doesn’t mean anything except what you want it to).

to stand on the pavement opposite the gate behind which this bus sits is to be facing a cheap wooden board hand-painted in red with the word “brewery” (there might be a word before that, but “brewery” is the only one I need to see) concealing the rusted iron spikes that make up the gate. it’s flanked on either side by :left: another similar gate, and :right: a small household goods store.

the store is there for a simple and fulfilled purpose. it is a shop from which people who live in the local area buy practical and cheap items such as mops, washing powder, plastic cutlery. the bus is there for an aesthetic purpose somewhat submerged in the cloying fog of trying to look authentic and, for the want of a better phrase, bohemian. it sits below the railway arch with a sort of dilapidated smugness.

I have seen the bus from many different angles.

1. above, from a train carriage; standstill in the station. the smut and grease of another person’s forehead clinging to the glass, through which images appear distorted in such a way that would make an interesting, albeit gross, filter for a camera. easy viewing. bird’s eye. viewing the un-purposed from a purposed platform high above, and the cause of the bus’ presence in the first instance.

2. from a stand-still, opposite, through a wrought iron rusted fence with a wooden board affixed; peeking around the edges, tiptoes to see over the top, glancing around for a flaking red flank. as long as I want. staring, seeking out, contrasting with surroundings.

3. fleeting::: as a glance as my bus passes by, craning my neck and blinded by the sun as it explodes into my vision, only a flash of faded red visible through the burn left on my vision.

photographs to follow?

red bus

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