good/relevant articles: <on the middle classes appropriating working class culture (this is the good AND relevant one) <this one is just relevant

I think we’re post teenage.

I’ve read a lot of semi-interesting stuff recently about the “rise and fall of the hipster” and so on. while at this point the term “hipster” is one that makes me want to claw my own eyes out, I can completely see why it’s become a blanket term for our generation. the whole homogeneity/appropriation/normcore/addicted to tumblr and twitter and pinterest/boring boring boring is pretty bleak. there have also been points made about how this extends much further towards middle age than previous “movements” have. but is this because people are remaining with their teenage values and obsessions for longer? or is it because teenagers have vanished as quickly as they arrived in the 1950s?

there are a lot of responsibilities we have on our shoulders that previous generations have managed to shrug off. e.g.; massive debt upon leaving underfunded universities, the fact that the world is definitely and quantifiably close to the end of its resources but no one seems to give a shit, technology replacing independent thought and action, etc. Perhaps this is creating premature ageing.

The entire point of a teenage scene or movement is to mock the previous generation’s taboos, to critique and satire, to use imagination to overcome the uncertainty teenagers have about the future. maybe imagination is the problem; we start to be told we need to formalise ourselves ready for the workplace so early now. university is serious; we have one chance at making it work, or the debt is for nothing (and it might be, anyway; there aren’t many jobs out there).

adults are renowned for being shit at creativity. maybe the stress and pressure of GRADES GRADES GRADES OR YOU’RE A FAILURE is too much and people just shut out creativity and imagination at a much earlier age now, substituting technology for their own agency.



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