on luck

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what warrants a ‘good human being’ has become incredibly warped in our society.

there are people who live, and people who can only just afford to exist (if that). those who can live are the ones who’ve been lucky enough to leap and scramble up the ladder. the trouble is that the ones who are safe, either clinging on or making a home on the platform at the top, often forget that luck is a big deal. some of them never realise it in the first place.

you know what should exist at regular intervals up that ladder?

goddamn huge, billboard-sized, neon-light, flashing signs that proclaim “THIS IS NOT JUST A PRODUCT OF YOUR HARD WORK. THIS IS LUCK.”

according to late capitalist society:

good luck= good person.

each side of this equation is completely irrelevant to the other.

on luck

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