Compendium of subway tunnels


1. under sun-in-the-sands roundabout, kidbrooke

air—light—-landing strip

hurtling out of the dark into the bleak but somehow blinding sunlight in the centre of the belly of the beast

 ribbed ceiling as if corrugated by the repeated tyres beating it down, rucking it up, from above; smooth and reflective and cool to touch

 striped replaced tarmac, no-one comes here, all for practicality and none left for aesthetic. smoothed and sliced at the sides, carved off by the sculptor’s pallet knife (but not at all- left for dead by the maintenance man’s paint brush)

cool dark haven under the thunder

scrub-lined sidelines upon arrival


2. bullring roundabout, waterloo

wet breezeblock

flooding glowing into the echo chamber of a limb under a tarmac coat

leading into the central space of imagined perfection, the screens, the layered lacquer of gloss over what was once waterloo, what was once the cardboard city

low maintenance high cost bare brick soft light

nothing but a small flicker negates the atmosphere

this is the future of the ‘gritty’, the false floor under which, in the coming years, the real inhabitants of london will become trapped


3. wandsworth bridge roundabout, wandsworth

stark contrast:

duck egg blue painted mouth of the grisly concrete tunnel, spilling out into a sea of grey

gentle and soft-lit, sloping edges, storm drain

this is comfort from the harsh reality of grey and white, steel and hard smooth fabrication.

municipal, standard, blue attempt at lightening the mood of an otherwise untouched display of brutalism and bleakness.

sad attempt- who sees it?

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 23.54.38

4. target roundabout, northolt

swimming pool echoes what’s around the corner

tiles as walked on by verruca-d feet in chlorinated sterility

divided in two by a scuffed white line- for bikes? but no room, no leeway unless the walker is to throw themselves against the slippery white wall

dusty grey track under drab white rule

Compendium of subway tunnels

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