“As soon as volume exceeds 80db, blood pressure rises. The stomach and intestine operate more slowly, the pupils become larger, and the skin gets paler- no matter whether the noise is found pleasant or disruptive, or is not even consciously perceived… Unconsciously we always react to noise like Stone Age beings. At that time a loud noise almost always signified danger… That is therefore pre-programmed, and when millions of young people hear excessively loud music they register: danger. They become alarmed. That word comes from the Italian Alarm, which in turn leads to all’arme, a call to arms. When we hear noise, we are constantly- but unconsciously- “called to arms”.” – Paul Virilio

A sinister resonance echoes through empty buildings- natural or fabricated? Science fiction or a real-time sonic war, played out in bouncing frequencies ear to ear, mouth to mouth, a snowy construct in a beaten-down land?

The abandoned artifacts of sonic warfare:

  1. An inauspicious telephone kiosk, double handled and facing North, waiting for the order to release chaos.
  2. Cement domes, turned on their sides, monuments to old battles staring proudly, nowadays pointlessly, into the North Sea. Who is out there now? Whose jets would be exposed to the land, roaring inward to invade?
  3. A truck advancing ever closer to the retreating crowd with hands over ears, a loudspeaker mounted atop
  4. A single mosquito swarms to attack a child and warn it away from public space.

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